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eSIM Guide For Android: Everything You Need To Know

Travel with ease using eSIMs on Android! eSIMs are digital SIM cards built into phones, offering seamless global connectivity. Android devices like Samsung Galaxy & Google Pixel often support them. Get an eSIM plan from providers like Roamless, activate via settings, and switch as you travel. Remember to check compatibility & manage eSIMs wisely.
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August 25, 2023
Have you heard about the benefits of using an eSIM when you travel but don't know where to start? We're here to help. eSIMs are revolutionizing global connectivity, becoming the traveler's standard choice. In this guide, we'll show you the essentials of using an eSIM on your Android phone, from verifying eSIM compatibility to setting it up for your adventures.

You'll discover:

  • What is an eSIM?
  • Which Android phones are eSIM-compatible?
  • How many eSIMs can you store on an Android phone?
  • How to configure an eSIM on Android
  • Activating and deactivating an eSIM
  • When to delete an eSIM from your Android device
  • Benefits of using an eSIM from Roamless

What Is an eSIM?An eSIM is a built-in SIM card. Manufactured into your Android phone, this reprogrammable chip functions like a traditional SIM, registering you as a mobile subscriber and providing network access. However, eSIMs operate entirely digitally. Purchase an eSIM package, add the eSIM profile to your Android, and seamlessly link to a mobile network without handling a tangible SIM.

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Which Android Phones Support eSIMs? Numerous Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, embrace eSIM tech. Since Android is open-source, customization by device makers or carriers is possible. eSIM compatibility hinges on the model, production location, and carrier. It's best to consult the device manufacturer, seller, or network provider.

Or, dive into Android settings. Here's how to see if your Android device, be it Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or another, supports eSIM:

Samsung Galaxy:Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager. If "Add eSIM" appears, your Samsung is eSIM-ready.

Google Pixel:Settings > Network & Internet > eSIM Cards. If a "Download a SIM instead?" option is visible, your device supports eSIM.

Other Android Devices:Settings > About Phone > Show EID. Spotting an EID number indicates eSIM compatibility.

How Many eSIMs Can I Store On an Android Phone? Being entirely digital, eSIMs don't have a tangible limit. The quantity of eSIMs you can save depends on your device maker and storage. Generally, Android phones permit 5-7 eSIM profiles, but only one can be active simultaneously.

How To Set Up an eSIM on Android Keen to add an eSIM? Start by acquiring an eSIM plan from your carrier or a provider like Roamless. Ensure your phone is unlocked if choosing a non-carrier plan.

Post-purchase, visit your Android settings:

  1. Settings > Connections > SIM card manager.
  2. Choose Add mobile plan.

Add the eSIM using:

  • QR Code: Scan the QR code from your carrier/provider and follow the instructions.
  • Activation Code: Opt for Enter manually and follow prompts to input the activation code.

How To Turn an eSIM On and Off With numerous eSIMs stored, managing them can get tricky. Label them for clarity:

  1. Settings > Connections > SIM Manager.
  2. Click the eSIM to rename.
  3. Label it (e.g., "Italy eSIM").

To activate an eSIM:

  1. Settings > Connections > SIM Manager > Toggle eSIM ON.
  2. Preferred SIM > Choose eSIM for mobile data (and calls/texts if included).
  3. Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Toggle Data Roaming ON.

To deactivate, follow the same steps, choosing your primary network.

When To Remove an eSIM From Your Android Phone If an eSIM expires and you don't foresee revisiting the location, deactivate and remove it:

  1. Settings > Connections > SIM Manager.
  2. Click the desired eSIM.
  3. Opt for "Remove" or "Delete eSIM".

Remember, some eSIMs can be used once. Ensure you won't require the eSIM before erasing it.

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