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Mobile data for travelers

Up to 90% cheaper than roaming

Uses a single global eSIM

Works in 62 destinations (soon 200+)

No data plans;
no expirations

Add funds. Get connected. Pay as you go.
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Why go Roamless?

Easy eSIM

Roamless uses a single, global eSIM that automagically works wherever you go. Activate it once and you're online in 60+ destinations (soon 200+).
No swapping eSIMs.
No repeat eSIM activations.

Smart Pricing

Roamless has a smart pricing engine that eliminates the need for fixed-duration plans and packages. Simply add funds to your account and you have affordable data in 60+ destinations (soon 200+).
No need to choose between plans.
No money wasted on unused packages.

Better Connectivity

Roamless offers mobile data and international calling for now. Over the next few months inbound calling, designated local numbers, SMS and messaging will be available, all within the same app. A true "communications hub".
No need for different apps.
No need for multiple accounts.
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Roamless Benefits

Roamless works everywhere

Roamless uses a single global eSIM that works in 60+ destinations (soon 200+). It’s like Uber, but for mobile connectivity. Install Roamless once; use it wherever you go.

Roamless saves you money

Roamless is up to 90% cheaper than roaming. You go global, but you pay local. Install Roamless once; use it with complete peace of mind.

Roamless is super easy

Roamless has no ‘plans’. You add funds to your wallet and spend your balance for data, calls and/or messages. Install Roamless once; use it however you want.

Roamless never expires

Your account balance does not expire, so your unused credits are never wasted. Install Roamless once; use it whenever you need.

Roamless is always connected

Roamless automagically manages your connection to make sure you always have coverage. Install Roamless once; use it for reliable connectivity.

Roamless is yours

Roamless will share part of its revenues with you in the near future. It’s like cash-back, but infinitely better. Keep using Roamless and watch your rewards grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roamless?
Roamless is a mobile app that provides global mobile connectivity solutions. It offers a seamless way to stay connected when you travel, without the need for physical SIM cards or high roaming charges.
How does Roamless help me save on roaming charges?
Roamless operates on a pay-as-you-go model, which means you only pay for what you use. It provides mobile data at rates up to 90% cheaper than typical roaming charges. This way, you can avoid the high costs associated with traditional roaming services.
Do I need to get a new SIM card every time I travel with Roamless?
No, Roamless uses eSIM technology, which means there's no physical SIM card involved. The Roamless eSIM is global which means once you've downloaded and activated your eSIM, you can use it to roam globally, without having to download an eSIM for each country.
How does Roamless ensure constant connectivity when I travel?
Roamless partners with global carriers to ensure you have access to multiple networks wherever you go. This means Roamless automatically chooses the best available connection for you, ensuring constant connectivity.
Does Roamless offer free calling and texting?
Not yet. But Roamless will offer free Roamless-to-Roamless calling and texting soon. This means you will be able stay connected with other Roamless users at no extra cost.
Do I need an eSIM to use outbound calling capabilities or local numbers of Roamless?
Outbound calls is not yet available. When we launch call features, you will not necessarility need an eSIM to make calls or use local numbers on Roamless. You will be able use these features on WiFi or your local SIM connection, as well as while you're traveling with your Roamless eSIM active.
Can I use Roamless if my device doesn't support eSIM?
For now, Roamless only offers mobile data. So you do need an eSIM capable device. In the future you will still beable to use Roamless's outbound calling capabilities and local numbers on WiFi or your local SIM connection even if your device doesn't support eSIM. However, to use Roamless mobile data connectivity, your device always needs to support eSIM technology.
How does Roamless compare to other eSIM providers in terms of flexibility and control over data usage?
Unlike many eSIM providers that offer fixed plans with set allowances and durations, Roamless operates on a pay-as-you-go model. This means you have full control over your data usage and can easily top up your balance anytime, anywhere, right from the app. Moreover, your wallet balance never expires, which means your money is never wasted.
How does Roamless stand out in terms of additional features compared to other eSIM providers?
In addition to providing mobile data, Roamless will also offer calling, messaging, and local number capabilities as well as multi device support and family plans. This will make Roamless a comprehensive connectivity solution, not just a data provider. In this regard, we are building Roamless to be similar to a traditional mobile operator, but without the excessive roaming charges, annoying contracts or limiting plans and packages.
Why should I choose Roamless over other roaming alternatives?
You should choose Roamless over other roaming alternatives because Roamless offers seamless global connectivity with a single eSIM, cost-effective pay-as-you-go model, and additional features like calling, messaging, and local numbers, all within a user-friendly app. It is affordable, easy and puts you in full control of how you want to connect, wherever you go.

A Note from the Roamless Team

The origin story of Roamless is one that will be familiar to many: We saw something that was not working, so we decided to fix it for good.

We all travel. We all need to stay connected when we travel. And we all hate roaming charges. Seeing that the current alternatives to roaming are flat-out terrible, we decided to build a legitimately convenient, properly global mobile connectivity service for travelers all around the world.

As seasoned business professionals with a combined experience of 100+ years (50+ of which is in the telecommunications sector) our goal with Roamless is simple: We want to make it easy, reliable and affordable for travelers like ourselves to get connected and stay connected seamlessly and effortlessly as they roam the world.

Thank you for your interest in Roamless 🙂

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