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Phone Hacks for Travelers

What To Do With My iPhone When Traveling Internationally?

Maximize your iPhone's travel potential: unlock it, utilize Wi-Fi services, disable data roaming, choose eSIM plans, reset usage statistics, and update authentication. Stay connected, save on charges, and protect your accounts for a smooth international travel experience.

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Nov 15, 2023

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What To Do With My iPhone When Traveling Internationally?

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When preparing for your exciting upcoming adventure, it's essential to consider all aspects, including your electronic devices. If you own an iPhone, there are a few important steps to take before traveling abroad to ensure your safety, connectivity, and peace of mind.

Unexpected situations can arise during your adventures. To ensure they are pleasant surprises, here are the key actions to take with your iPhone when traveling internationally.

6 Things You Need To Do With Your iPhone Before Traveling Internationally

If you're getting ready for a vacation or trip overseas, it's natural to want to bring your trusty iPhone with you. However, just like you, your iPhone requires some preparations to ensure a smooth experience. Here are our top six recommendations for what you should do to your iPhone before embarking on your international journey.

1 - Ensure Your iPhone is Unlocked

When you travel abroad, it's important to have an unlocked iPhone. Locked phones limit your options by preventing you from using local SIM cards or eSIM services. If your phone is locked, you'll be restricted from using Wi-Fi or facing expensive international roaming charges. To unlock your iPhone, contact your carrier and explain that you'll be traveling. If they refuse, there are third-party options available.

2 - Learn about Wi-Fi-Based Services

Familiarize yourself with Wi-Fi-based services, which allow your iPhone to function over the internet instead of using cellular data. Native Apple apps like iMessage and FaceTime work over Wi-Fi, and standalone apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Line can also be used for texts and calls. Utilizing Wi-Fi-based services can help minimize your data usage, even if you have a local SIM card or eSIM data plan.

3 - Disable Data Roaming

Always turn off data roaming to avoid unexpected charges. Disable cellular data entirely while in transit for added security, but remember to keep it on if you have an eSIM data plan. To turn off data roaming, go to "Settings," select "Cellular," and disable "Data Roaming" and "Cellular Data."

4 - Consider an eSIM Data Plan

An eSIM data plan allows you to access local data at affordable prices directly from your phone. Purchase an eSIM plan in advance and activate it upon arrival at your destination. While it doesn't provide a local phone number, it enables you to use your phone with full functionality and avoid expensive data roaming packages.

5 - Reset Your Usage Statistics

Resetting your data usage statistics is a helpful way to monitor your data usage while traveling and identify data-intensive apps. To reset statistics, go to "Settings," select "Cellular," and choose "Reset Statistics." This allows you to have a clear view of your data usage during your trip.

6 - Update Multi-Factor Authentication Steps

Ensure that your multi-factor authentication (2FA) methods are accessible while abroad. If 2FA relies on text messages, consider alternative options like using a backup email, obtaining a Google Voice number, or switching to an app-based authenticator like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator. This way, you can maintain access to your important accounts even without phone service.

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