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What Happens When SIM Cards Fail?

Is a physical SIM card the best choice for your new mobile device? Discover the benefits of eSIM technology, which brings a fully digital experience. Learn about the common ground between SIMs and eSIMs, the advantages of using an eSIM, and how to identify faulty SIM cards. Explore the resistance of eSIMs to damage, enhanced security, and the convenience of easy connectivity. Check if your device supports eSIM technology and embrace the future of mobile connectivity with Roamless.

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Nov 15, 2023

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As soon as you're the proud owner of a new mobile device, your first instinct is to either insert a brand new SIM card or move your existing one over. For years, this process has involved a physical SIM card —but is that the best way?

An eSIM ushers in a new era by turning this procedure completely digital. Instead of a tangible SIM, an eSIM is integrated into your device and there's no need to replace it when switching carriers or networks.Just download a digital data package, install it on your device, and voila, you're connected.

So, how does this operate? Are eSIMs a long-term solution?Will we eventually abandon SIM cards? And should we? Let's delve into the distinction between SIM cards and eSIMs, the issues that arise when SIM cards fail, and the advantages of adopting an eSIM.

We'll explore:

·     The common ground between SIMs and eSIMs

·     Dual SIMs and multiple SIMs

·     Consequences of SIM cards failing

·     Identifying a faulty SIM

·     Pros of using an eSIM

·     Compatibility of your phone with eSIM technology

·     How Do SIMs and eSIMs Share Common Ground?

·     Both SIM cards and eSIMs fulfill the same purpose. Regardless of the form a SIM (subscriber identity module) takes, it performs several crucial functions:

Facilitates your device's connection to a mobile data network

·     Enables texting and calling services

·     Validates your device's identity and the networks it can connect to

·     ‌‌In essence, a SIM is like a digital passport for your mobile network, certifying you as a mobile subscriber and authorizing your access to your provider's network.

·     Dual SIMs and Multiple SIMs

·     A great number of modern devices support DualSIM technology. This feature allows you to store more than a single SIM and/oreSIM on your device and establish a connection to two different networkssimultaneously.

Some ways to utilize Dual SIM technology encompass:

·     Adding a local data plan while traveling

·     Using one plan for calls and another for data

·     Maintaining separate numbers for business and personal use on the same device

The Downside of SIM Cards Going Bad

The major flaw of a physical SIM card is its tangible nature. A physical SIM possesses exposed connectors that are vulnerable to damage. Handling a SIM card carries the risks of snapping, bending, scratching, or breaking it. Over time, the card may deteriorate and lose functionality.

Here are a few SIM card issues to think about

Water Damage-Related Issues

A predominant cause of physical eSIM failure is corrosion or water damage. Exposure to water, sprays, splashes, or submersion can damage a physical eSIM, rendering it ineffective. Spills involving corrosive or hot liquids can also harm a SIM card if they seep into the SIM tray.

Heat Damage-Related Issues

Excessive heat can also damage the pins on a SIM card.Leaving your phone near a heat source, in direct sunlight on a windowsill or outdoor table, could expose it to heat damage.

Shipping-Related Issues

There could also be manufacturing defects. Any card that is shipped or delivered could potentially be damaged or malfunctioned during operation.

Identifying a Defective SIM Card

If you think your SIM is causing connectivity problems, youcan troubleshoot by examining these aspects:

·     Can your phone connect to your local network or mobile data?

·     Is there a delay in sending or receiving text messages?

·     Are you able to make and receive calls?

·     Is your phone attempting to switch carriers or connect to new networks?

·     If you're still in doubt, you can always eject the physical SIM from your device and check for pin corrosion or structural damage.

·     Pros of Using an eSIM

Switching to eSIM technology has several advantages. Here's why you might consider transitioning from a physical SIM card to an eSIM.

Resistant to Damage

Being integral to your phone, an eSIM is virtually immune to external damage or tampering.

Increased Security

It's significantly harder to hack an eSIM than a physicalSIM card. Your personal information enjoys better protection against hacking and tampering, and bypassing phone protocols becomes much more challenging.

No More Roaming Charges

Wave goodbye to hefty roaming fees. When you purchase aneSIM plan from Roamless, you pre-pay for a fixed data amount. If you exhaust your data, you can recharge your package or buy a new plan. There are no hidden costs, and you won't return home to an unexpected roaming bill.

Convenient and Economical Connectivity

eSIMs provide instant connectivity. You can download a planfrom your home's comfort, install it on your device, and get connected inminutes. And, Roamless’s rates are competitive. You'll pay local rates in over200 countries and regions worldwide.

Does Your Device Support eSIM Technology?

To use an eSIM, your device needs to be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-compatible. Not sure if your device fits the bill? Here's how you can find out.

Consult our list of eSIM-compatible devices.

·     Check with your provider to see if your device is unlocked.

·     Consult your device's IMEI number to see if it supports an eSIM. Access Settings, look for IMEI, and search for terms like"eSIM" or "digital SIM card."

·     Dial *#06# from your phone app to check if your phone supports eSIM.

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