Roamless Wallet

Pay as you go
travel internet

Pay-as-you-go flexibility

No need to buy fixed plans by country

Instead, you add funds to your wallet and you use those funds for mobile data or call time (or both) in any Roamless destination, as you need.

Roamless wallet gives you full flexibility

Use your funds for mobile data in 165 Roamless destinations

Use your funds to call 200+ destinations via the in-app calls feature

Your funds are not country-specific. Use them anywhere Roamless has coverage

In this regard, Roamless is similar to ‘roaming’ with your local operator in terms of ease and convenience, but up to 90% cheaper.

And unlike eSIM marketplaces or tourist SIMs that lock you in to country-specific data plans (which are often not fully consumed and therefore wasted), Roamless gives you the freedom to stay connected how you want, without wasting your money.

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Only pay for what you use

Roamless is pay-as-you-go, giving you absolute flexibility on how you stay connected during your travels.

There are no daily charges

There are no plans or packages to which you commit upfront

You only pay for what you use, and not a single cent more

Mobile data is charged per MB of usage

Calls are charged per minute of talk time

And if you don’t use your balance for data or calls, you don’t pay anything. Naturally.

Roamless eliminates excessive daily roaming fees your local operator charges you (whether you use your allowance or not), saving you up to 90%.

Roamless also eliminates the need to estimate or calculate how much data you ‘might’ on your trip (to buy the right plan). You don’t commit to anything up front; you don’t over- or under-estimate your data consumption; you don’t waste money on unused data.

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Roamless balance never expires

That’s right. No expirations. The funds you add to your Roamless wallet never expire... ever. They are always available for your use, whenever and wherever that may be.

Let’s say you add $25 USD to your Roamless wallet. You travel to the UK, spend two days there, using around 2GB of data on your Roamless eSIM for $5.00. Then you return home. You still have $20.0 in Roamless credits left in your wallet.

Those credits always stays there, never expiring. You can use them when you need them: maybe in a month, maybe in a year, maybe later.

And this is what sets Roamless apart: You don’t waste any money on ‘expiring plans’ because Roamless has no plans or expirations. You simply add some funds to your wallet and you pay-as-you-go in complete peace of mind.

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Add as little or as much funds as you like

Given that Roamless is pay-as-you-go with no expirations of funds, you have total control and peace of mind over how you want to manage your spending.

You can choose to top-up your wallet in small amounts to keep a closer eye on your usage, or you can top-up with a larger amount every now and then without ever needing to worry about what will happen to your funds (since they never expire).

You can also monitor your usage real-time from inside the Roamless app, adjusting your funds and top-ups needed. It’s your funds, and you have total control of how you use them.

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